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A systematic design approach to a social problem.

A-maze! is a result of a systematic approach to a social problem that resulted in a 3 fold design solution, namely:

  • Spatial Design

  • Game Design

  • Educational Design

You can view the final deliverable here.


Since the inception of the concept took place during the pandemic Covid19 and the final output is quite large scale I haven't been able to make a physical prototype and test it yet, although the various verticals of it have been tested a during my research process. Hopefully, I will be able to test it in the near future. Will update the page when I do.


Systems - Project brief and Design Chall

While I started with trying to understand gender identities in early age to wanting to create gender neutral space for children my research quickly lead me to understand that it is not JUST gender that needs to be recognized in a child to make them feel safe.

As I begun to explore the notion of a safe space for children (a space where they can be who they are and express themselves freely), I further understood that a safe space is very loaded word indeed. 

The Pandemic broke out and I began to question what trust is going to look like in the future. In terms of-

  • Behavior

  • Social Norms

  • Space

  • Methods of Communication

I constructed a post pandemic world based on the information I gathered and formulated the ideal values I'd like to see in the future.



As part of my initial primary research I visited 3 schools in Ahmedabad

  • Ropda Primary School, Ropda Village, Vatva

  • Mahatma Gandhi Primary School, Kuber Nagar

  • Satellite School for Children, Thaltej

The methods of primary research adopted:

  • Interviews and interaction with stakeholders (Children, Parents, Teachers, School administration, School Staff)

  • Non participatory observation

  • Participatory observation