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Concept Inspiration: The easiest way to make anything look nice is symmetry. And this is what works primarily in a lingerie designers favor- Symmetry. Make a side/a cup and the replicate it on the other side. However, it is asymmetry that has constantly inspired me and intrigued me through all the other aspects of my life, be it music, dance or visual art. Being the rebel that I am, I decided to pick this love for asymmetry that I have and infuse it into the only aspect of my life where it is missing- Lingerie design. Here is the project that I visualised for myself and took about a month (while doing various other things) to create.


It works heavily on the concept of Innerwear as Outerwear. 

Visual Inspiration: The color, print and silhouette inspiration comes from the WGSN SS17 forecast story: Edgelands

Customer: Traveler Dreamer who likes to experiment and constantly renovate her own style as she visits new places and dreams new dreams. She dwells on a fusion of urban grit and a romantic soul that gives rise to a retro and quirky yet a romantic and relaxed lifestyle. 




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