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She stood alone in the field on the outskirts of the city, her fashionable heels planted firmly in the wet mud. She knew the executioner would be here soon, she also knew there will be no one to claim her body thereafter. 

She had been awakened in her filthy cell in the at 5am to be told that this was the day she would die and she had decided to dress in her best – silk stockings, a low-cut embellished blouse and a drape hardly covering her. She was determined to go as she had lived. Beautifully, exotically, heroically and unapologetically. No, she would not be tied to the stake or be blindfolded. She would face Death unflinchingly.

She drew every man's lustful admiration and every woman's envy. An epitome of unbridled eroticism and passion, an exotic dancer, courtesan, harlot, great lover, a queen in her own right and a SPY. This strong, alluring and irresistible beauty used her feminine wiles, sensuality and charm to captivate and get what she wanted. Her ability to hypnotize everyone that came her way and her radiant confidence epitomizes the power and feminity of a woman who no one dares deny. 


In our collection, we pay tribute to such enigmatic woman. An unforgettable icon of feminine power convicted of espionage, a crime that would ever after make her synonymous with seduction and treachery.


Be it Mata Hari, Josephine Baker or our own home grown Vishkanyas. The colors are inspired by their jewels, the flow of each garment by their exotic movements layering and protecting an armored inside.


The traditional techniques used in the collection create a mélange of contemporary styling with an Indian feel. We have used authentic Jaipuri Gota Patti and aari work combining it with techniques like crochet on contemporary fabrics as well as the ethnic Leharia Dying Technique with the trendy Ombre dying technique and the likes. 


Ensemble includes: Robe and  Bodysuit

Embellishment Techniques used:
On Bodysuit: Gota Pati work,  Aari work and crystal work

Dying Techniques used : 
On Robe: Tie and Dye
On Bodysuit: Ombre Dying


Ensemble includes: Throw and  Bodysuit

Embellishment Techniques used:
On Bodysuit: Aari work and Hand Crochet to join Lace panels 

Dying Techniques used : 
On Throw: Ombre dying on Garment and Tie and Dye on Inside Satin Border