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Designed to serve the purpose of a fidget toy, OK-AY, is a great diversion for individuals who enjoy a visual as well as mental challenge. OK-AY is a puzzle that is inspired from a basic sliding puzzle however it has two sides. One has the words 'It's Okay To Be Confused' etched into it, the other is a color grid. It allows you to go back and forth between your instinct (color) and what is known to you (words), letting you to fall back on multiple problem solving methods to get to the same solution.

Excellent for fidgeting and makes a superb visual motor skills tool for Bilateral Coordination.

A wonderful calming focus tool designed for ages 7 to 101.

Helps with:

  1. Multi-sensory sensation

  2. Fine Motor Skills like:

    • Finger isolation and dexterity

    • Strengthening finger muscles

    • Enhancing tactile awareness

    • Providing proprioceptive input to fingers

  3. Attending and focusing abilities 

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