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A systematic design approach to a social problem.

A-maze! is a result of a systematic approach to a social problem that resulted in a 3 fold design solution, namely:

  • Spatial Design

  • Game Design

  • Educational Design

You can view the process and ideation here.


A-maze! is a tool to bring early education out of classrooms while encouraging flexibility of thought, easy application of concepts, quick grasping abilities, socio-emotional skills, and empathy in the future generations, all while social distancing. It promotes safe play and learning in the post-pandemic world.

With our social norms changing, our spaces need apt modifications as well. A-maze! helps bring social norms, education and play together and ties them up in a tight knot. It enables embodied cognition that brings learning out of the audio-visual-textual mediums into experiential and gestural mediums that leave a long-lasting impact. After all, learning involves both, focused attention and peripheral vision.

Since the final output is multilayered it was important that even the intangible elements are listed out along with the tangibles. Therefore I designed an instruction booklet that the product would be delivered with. It's basic how to's that the stakeholders would need to know for the best output of the concept. Below you will see some of the pages of this instruction booklet intercepted with tiny video animations of the space/panel where required.

MAZE-O-MAX (Antra Lodha DP3 Doc).png