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ROLE: Interior Designer and Consultant to the Architect

Project Brief:
To redesign and redo the interiors (inclusive of furniture where necessary) of a Residence in New Delhi. 

Redesigning includes:

- Living Room and Kitchen

- Master Bedroom and Bathroom


Brief for Living Room and Kitchen and Dining Area:

  • To design a versatile living space with an open kitchen, drawing room and dining room.

  • To design furniture and interiors for a family of five with a member suffering from dwarfism (keeping in mind their limitations and requirements). 

  • To design a unique experience for the inhabitants as well as visitors.



  • A modular open kitchen with everything within arms reach and a unique visual concept.

  • A dining space enough for four.

  • A sound proofed drawing room which can be easily made into a larger space to include bigger parties.

  • A visually appealing cabinet big enough to stock all the crockery with different sized drawers as per specific requirements.


  • A Neutral Grey theme with hints of Red was chosen, as Red is an appetizing color. 

  • Red was used through the space sparingly asymmetric manner. balancing itself out 

  • For a quick and convenient dining space a granite slab with drawers underneath was placed for the family, can also be used to do other daily kitchen chores while being part of conversations with the other members. 

  • Tile Placement and Design- again, keeping to the neutral and red them a tile was custom designed especially for the kitchen adding the the red via grouting. Used a complementing red tile on the floor at 3 places. 

  • 4 of the drawer handles of the kitchen were powder coated Red to balance the red laminate and tiles.


  • The cabinet was designed in a manner that the natural light from the only light source at the far end of the room is not completely blocked off while still acting as a partition when required.

  • The cabinet was built in two parts where on of the parts can easily be dislodged and moved to extend the living space to include larger gatherings.

  • The drawers were made to maximize utility of space. For example, height of certain drawers was kept to fit a standard sized cup.

  • The other side of the partition, facing the living room also serves as a display area for show pieces.


  • The drawing room, including the furniture was kept white for versatility. The look of the entire space can be changed with accent colors.

  • One wall was given tiles that compliment the Crockery Cabinet.

  • Opposite wall has POP facade with remote controlled RGB LED lights that change color depending on decor.

  • Double glazed UPVC windows used for Sound Proofing since the house is on the Main Road.

  • A porch has been extended in front to make a sitting and lounging space, especially for rainy days.