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ROLE: Interior Designer and Consultant to the Architect

Project Brief:
To redesign and redo the interiors (inclusive of furniture where necessary) of a Residence in New Delhi. 

Redesigning includes:

- Living Room and Kitchen

- Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Brief for Master Bedroom:

  • A unique door design that will be used through out the house.

  • A television cabinet.

  • A wardrobe with an included ironing table.

  • A collapsible study table with enough space for the owners stationary collection.



  • T.V. cabinet for a 55" Flat Screen T.V. withspace for a 5.1 home theatre system.

  • Space for different sized books.

  • The central character of the room since all eyes would mostly be directed towards this section.

  • Minimal and clean look to avoid clutter and distraction.

  • Materials: wood and glass with matt metal finish hinges, fully enclosed to avoid dust.



  • Keeping with the language of the TV Cabinet, the wardrobe has S.S. inset into the wardrobe door. S.S. frame around the entire unit as a design detail

  • Unequal doors/ compartments to provide adequate space for the clients requirements

  • Includes a drop down ironing table inside.

Study and stationery Unit

  • A collapsible study table with a chest of drawers.

  • Different sized drawers for different purposes.

  • A portable stationery unit at arms length with various drawers and holders for specific stationary.



  • A bathroom with a shower cubicle.

  • A black and white theme with a shade of turquoise scattered through it.

Dressing Cabinet

  • A dressing area approachable from the bedroom as well as the bathroom.

  • The double sided cabinet was designed accessible from the bathroom and the bedroom so that the client does not need to step out of the bathroom to reach for daily care products. Includes a hidden drawer.

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